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What is Jishukan Ryu?

Jishukan Ryu is a school of martial arts founded in Japan by the late Soke Shuho Sugita.  Jishukan Ryu provides instruction in three complete self defence martial arts:
  • Kempo karate (techniques involving striking, kicking and blocking
  • Jujitsu (techniques involving grappling, throwing, locking and breakfalling); and
  • Jojitsu (short staff techniques).

Only the first two arts are taught to students under black belt rank.  Students are trained to develop sound technical basics of these arts and to recognise the common priciples underlying them and then to apply those basics and principles effectively to attack situations.  Students therefore learn both classical techniques underlying kempo karate and jujitsu and the practical applications and combinations of those techniques. 

The result is a complete or comprehensive self defence system rather than a single martial art focusing only on particular types of attacks.

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